Review: Fuzion Z300 Pro Complete Scooter

Review: Fuzion Z300 Pro Complete Scooter

The Fuzion Z300 Pro complete scooter is a great, all-around freestyle scooter for the price, but the deck is the standout feature.

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Ask ScooterDad: Hi. my 9 yo can't decide between the z300 and the pro xxx. he's just starting out. can you give me your thoughts on these two? the indecision is killing him. thanks!

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Ross Nelson
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Between the Fuzion Z300 and the Razor Pro XXX, while they are both good scooters, I would definitley go with the Fuzion Z300, which has a threadless integrated headset, flex brake, and HIC compression. While the Razor is good too, between these two specific models, the Fuzion wins out.