Ask ScooterDad: i I have a 11.5 Wide shoe and ride park but do grind rails once in a while. I'm also 6'1 would a 22.5 by 4.75 deck be OK for park tricks park riding and occasional grinds?

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Unfortunately, I can't really answer that for you. It's all about personal feel. You're going to have to find one and stand on it to get a feel for how it fits you. Some people prefer smaller decks, some prefer larger decks. Whatever you prefer, it's not going to prevent you from being able to ride park or street. If I had to guess though, I'd say that deck will probably suit you just fine as it's a pretty big deck and should be very stablefor someone your height.

Interview with Justin Wharton of JJW Designs and 110% Clothing

Justin Wharton from JJW Designs and 110% Clothing

When he's not designing graphics or his own clothing brand, you can find Justin at the skate park on his scooter or at the motocross track riding one of his motorcycles. If you still can't find him, he's probably trying to score a phone number from your girlfriend, wife, sister, mom, aunt, grandma, or babysitter. ;o)

Justin Wharton of JJW Designs and 110% Clothing is a friend of mine and he recently agreed to help me out with the site by answering some questions for our first interview. As a rider, company owner, sponsor, and someone involved in the industry on many levels, Justin has a unique perspective on the freestyle scooter world. If you run into Justin at a scooter competition or a skate park, be sure to say hello. He's a friendly and supportive guy with integrity and we need more people like him in the scooter world.

Hey Justin, tell me about your freestyle scootering background:

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