Ask ScooterDad: Will I need spacers if I use a full size scs proto with a lucky smx fork?

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Aiden hollingsworth
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It depends on your deck's headtube length, but I'd say get some spacers just in case. Lucky SMX forks are really tall, so you will likely need headset spacers even if you have a full-size SCS. You can always cut the SMX fork and hammer the spacer further in, if you have to.

Tips for Installing Wheel Bearings

Tips for Installing Wheel Bearings

Installing bearings can be a pain, but a few simple tips can make that process easier.

Once you've made the move from plastic core wheels to metal core wheels, you probably know how frustrating it can be to install bearings. The actual act of installing bearings isn't that hard, but doing it the right way without damaging or distoring them to the point where they don't function as intended can be difficult. Often, you'll have to beat the bearings into the wheels because wheel manufacurers don't have the best production tolerances. Once you start really hammering on the bearings, you're likely to damage or distort them.

After a couple years of installing bearings, here are a few tips that I've learned to help reduce headaches related to this process. You're going to have to do this often for your kid and his friends, so you better learn how to do it sooner rather than later.

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