Inward Scooters Supports ScooterDad with Magnets and Flyers

Inward Scooters Supports ScooterDad with Magnets and Flyers

Look for the new ScooterDad/Inward Scooters magnet to stick on your fridge!

If you're ordering anything from Inward Scooters this holiday season, you might just get a little something extra in your package. In addition to being a supportive sponsor and friend, JP at Inward Scooters has generously agreed to help support ScooterDad by including a special ScooterDad/Inward Scooters magnet in each shipment, while supplies last. The magnet looks like the image you see in this article.

So the next time you're busting your knuckles trying to get bearings out of metal core wheels and you take a break to come inside the house for a snack, while you're standing in front of the fridge, you can be reminded of where to go to find great freestyle scooter tutorials:! :o)

We also have some of these magnets that we'll be handing out to people when we see them in person, so come find me if you'd like a ScooterDad magnet or sticker.

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