Knee Injury

Race to Recover Fundraiser - Buy a Reventon and Help Phoenix Pro Scooters Rider Jon Reyes with Knee Surgery

Recently, Phoenix Pro Scooters rider Jon Reyes had a nasty fall when landing a backflip that resulted in a torn ACL. He's going to need knee surgery to heal properly, but he's uninsured and the surgery is about $20,000. To try to help him out, Jon's sponsors, Phoenix and Spokesman Cycles, are donating the full proceeds of 100 of Jon's signature Reventons at $200 plus free shipping from Spokesman.

Jon is a great guy who has inspired a ton of riders. If you're looking for a new deck, please consider the Jon Reyes signature Phoenix Reventon. It's an awesome deck, you're getting it at a discounted price, and the full proceeds go to help Jon's recovery. Check out the video and the press release from Phoenix below.

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