Ask ScooterDad: will urban art dawg hic bars fit vx2 deck with hic

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Byron Ashman
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As long as your fork and headset are threadless, as long as your bars are oversized and your forks can accomodate an HIC shim, then your setup should work with HIC.

Ask ScooterDad: I have an ethic legion fork and I am trying to run hic which I think is the right compression to use anyway I was wondering if you can run hic without a shim because if I used a shim my bars wouldn't fit.

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If your bars won't fit with the HIC shim, then you have standard sized bars or possibly aluminum bars. Either way, you can't run HIC without the shim and you need oversized bars to run HIC.

Lucky HIC Installation

Lucky HIC Installation

HIC stands for Hidden Internal Compression

It seems that Hidden Internal Compression (HIC) systems are becoming more and more popular among freestyle scooter riders. This is because they are simple, cheap, and light compared to SCS systems, which we covered in another tutorial found here: Proto SCS Installation.

The HIC system uses a shim to extend the reach of the fork into the bars and prevent the fork from pulling out of the headtube. The tutorial video in this article uses a Lucky HIC composite shim, Lucky HIC bars, and Lucky HIC oversized clamp, but other HIC systems should work similarly. In terms of true HIC, we've been extremely happy with the Lucky setup.

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