Ask ScooterDad: I was wondering if i could take my pro scooter on a plane and how becuase i live in florida at my moma in the summer and i cant live without scoot!

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Yes, you can take it on an airplane, but how you can depends on the airline. At the very least, you can take your bars off and pack your scooter and bars in a bag that you can check like normal. On most airlines (I've never had a problem), you can take the bars off and carry-on your scooter and bars as long as they will fit in the overhead compartment. A new trick that we learned is to treat your scooter like a wheelchair. I mean, don't tell them it's a wheelchair, but just take it through security, take it to the gate, then ask them to check it at the gate. They usually offer that as a free option, then you have it waiting for you right as you get off the plane.