Distrct FK2

Ask ScooterDad: Hi kenny, I am looking into buying a Proto SCS clamp and was wondering if my parts were compatible with it. I have a district DK2 deck, FK2 fork, District integrated headset, and Al2 bars. Thanks Calcin

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Calvin Taylor
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The FK2 fork is an ICS fork, so there is no starnut. You could convert it by cutting off the top of the fork and installing a starnut, but I'd recommend just picking a different fork. In my personal experience, District FK2 forks aren't that strong either. Also, you should know that 1) you'll need a fullsize SCS (not baby SCS) if you want to use aluminum bars with it and 2) sometimes, aluminum bars don't fit perfectly in SCS clamps and you may need to make a small shim out of a popcan.