Scoot Loot T-Shirt Voting - You Help Us Choose

Scoot Loot T-Shirt Voting - You Help Us Choose

Head over to the ScooterDad Facebook page to vote on which t-shirt designs you like best!

We've had several people ask us about ScooterDad t-shirts and it's something we'd really like to do, but it's more expensive than you might think because of bulk pricing. In order to make sure that we design t-shirts people like and want to buy, we've decided to enlist the help of our friends! That's right, you get to vote on which shirts you'd like to see us produce. Just head over to our ScooterDad Facebook page and vote! Don't forget to Like our page if you haven't already.

Cast your votes here.

Here are the t-shirt designs we are considering:

Scooter Dad Logo

Scoot Loot - ScooterDad Logo

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