Ask ScooterDad: I am looking for a scooter that is lightweight, durable and affordable under $200. Any suggestions?

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Check out the Envy Colt, Envy Prodigy, 5Starr Sector5, 5Starr Spectrum, and some others listed here: http://inward-scooters.com/collections/complete-scooters?price-range=100-200

Aura Skatepark Lock-In Hosted by 5Starr Scooters - December 7, 2012

Aura Skatepark Lock-In Hosted by 5Starr Scooters

Friday, December 7th, 8PM to 8AM at Aura Skatepark in Vista, CA

If you live in the Vista, CA area, be sure to head over to Aura Skatepark on December 7th for an all-night lock-in event. 5Starr Scooters is hosting the event and dinner, snacks, drinks, and breakfast are included for the $35 entry price. There is going to be a raffle ($2 tickets), a best trick contest at midnight, and lots of prizes!

There are only 100 spots for this lock-in, so be sure to pre-register soon to save your spot for a night of fun at Aura Skatepark with 5Starr Scooters.

Entry fee: $35, includes dinner, snacks, drinks, and breakfast
Location: Aura Skatepark, 1074 La Mirada Ct, Vista, CA
Date: Friday, December 7th
Time: 8PM to 8AM (the next morning)

For more information, see the links below.

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