Ask ScooterDad: Who is the oldest scooter dad that you know of? I'm 48 and decent on my Reventon V2. I never see anyome my age riding and was wondering if there are others like me.

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Todd Hendricks
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Santa Maria, Ca

I'm 35 and my back made the decision for me long ago that I wouldn't be riding. :) I don't know of any dad's who actually ride more than just putzing around. You might be one of the few! :) Good for you! Keep on shredding. Me, I'll stick to filming, photography, and drink and snack runs. ;)



I felt that had to respond. I'm 46 and ride as much as I have time to. Converted from skateboarding when my kids started riding scooters. Instead of feeling older and not being able to do the tricks I once could, I now learn new things every day. I prefer riding concrete parks, especially bowls, where my skateboarding experience come in handy. The flat tricks are limited to grinding, single whips, 360s etc. as learning flat tricks hurts!!!
I'm really glad to hear that there are others like me out there!

By Christian Rosen (not verified)

That's fantastic! Thanks for the reply! :)

By Kenny