Ask ScooterDad: My son wants to get the brandon James sig bars and use a tilt scs but doesn't want to cut the slit off to lose height, what else can we do?

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United kingdom

There's nothing you can do. You have to cut the slit off if you want to use it in an SCS clamp, otherwise it will never tighten completely.


Check out Blunt H SCS clamp. Included is a smart adapter that is used to convert a slitted bar to a scs bar without cutting the bar. Another alternative is to get a steel pipe with the right outer diameter and cut it to a 3 cm which you put inside the bar to prevent the bar to decrease in diameter as you tighten the scs. The right diameter is 28.8 mm 1.1/4 inch which is a standard diameter for bicycles. So just find an old bike and cut a piece from the fork.

By Christian Rosen (not verified)

Thanks for the tip on the Blunt H SCS adapter. I was not aware of that. :)

You're right about the inner shim, but I try not to recommend that method since it's a little more involved than most people are looking for. But, since you suggested it, I'm happy to approve the comment. :)

By Kenny