Ask ScooterDad: lucky scooter headset is clicking when deck spins. 1. why? 2. what order to the headset pieces go in: I have a cap, 3 rings, 2 bearing systems.

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First, clicking headsets are typically caused by either a damaged headset or a bent fork. If your scooter is non-integrated, it could also be caused by bearing cups that weren't installed correctly.

As for the ordering of the headset pieces, it goes like this, from the bottom up: fork, fork race (it's a ring with with a tapered inner rim), lower bearing (they should be the same), scooter deck headtube, upper bearing (again, should be identical to the lower), compression ring (circle with a split in it that fits around the fork, inside the inner edge of the bearing to center the fork), dust cap (the part with the brand printed on it), then your bars and clamp.