Woodward Scooter Camp Update - Sponsors and Registration

Woodward Scooter Camp Update - Sponsors and Registration

Woodward Scooter Camp registration is now open!

Just two days ago, a reader commented on our first article about the Woodward Scooter Camp with a question regarding how to register for the camp. As if timed perfectly, Freestyle Scooter Competitions released the sponsor list (see the article image to the left) and the registration form for the camp.

Woodward Scooter Camp is 4 days in beautiful Tehachapi, CA at one of the best skate parks in the world with tons of pros and an army of freestyle scooter buddies! Where else can you try next-level tricks in a foam pit and then throw them down on a resi-pad 10 feet away? Where else can you ride with over a hundred other kids who are ALL on scooters?

Woodward is a fantastic facility with great staff, so parents can feel comfortable sending their kids on this adventure. Take it from this protective and anxiety-ridden ScooterDad: I have no problems leaving my scooter kid there again this year.

If you haven't started saving for the camp and the trip yet, there's still time, so start walking dogs and raking leaves! The camp is $450 and it's worth every penny. Download the form, print it out, and hang it on your fridge to help you remember to save up for this once a year event that you'll remember forever!

What's that? You're not quite sure if you want to go? You're not sure it's worth it? Just check out the videos below from last year's Woodward Scooter Camp in Tehachapi, CA. You can even see my scooter kid, Paxton Swygard, accept an award in the first video below at about the 5:00 mark and you can see him at 3:20 and 3:27 in the second video.

So what are you waiting for?! Download the form and register for the coolest scooter experience all year! We'll see you there!

For more information:

Click here to download the
Woodward Scooter Camp registration form

Woodward Scooter Camp - February 17-20, 2012


how old do you have to be

By michael (not verified)

I'm not sure. Check with Woodward, but there were some pretty young kids both years when my kid went. I think the age limit is 8 or maybe even younger.

By Kenny