Woodward Scooter Camp Update - Special Guests Announced

Woodward Scooter Camp Update - Special Guests Announced

Woodward Scooter Camp
Tehachapi, CA
Feburary 17th - 20th, 2012
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Exciting news about Woodward Scooter Camp just keeps coming! Today, we received an announcement that the following pros will be at the camp as special guests:

– Terry Price
– BenJamin Friant
– Brendon Smith
– Corey Wakman
– Matt Mckeen
– Tyler Bonner
– Ryan Williams

These are just the special guests announced so far! We're still 3 months away and there could be more to come! Don't forget that many of your favorite riders will be there as counselors and instructors, including Alex Steadman, Capron Funk, Raymond Warner, Josh Kish, Dan Barrett, and more!
The registration fee of $450 is well worth it for this amazing experience. If you're on the fence about whether to go, find someone and ask them about their experience from last year. My scooter kid, Paxton, has been talking about wanting to go back since...well, since we pulled out of the Woodward parking lot last year!
If you missed the other articles we posted about Woodward Scooter Camp, you can find them linked below, as well as the registration form.
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Hey ScooterDad,

I go by the same name and I'd like to compliment you on your posting. Since you went to the camp last year, I would like to speak to you. I have two sons who would love to attend.

By Kennet (not verified)

Thanks, I appreciate the support. :o) I'd be happy to answer anything that I can for you. Feel free to email me at kenny@scooterdad.com.

By Kenny