Woodward, PA - Scooter Fest Hosted at Woodward - August 19 - 26

Woodward, PA - Scooter Fest Hosted at Woodward - August 19 - 26

Looking for some East Coast summer fun? Hit up Scooter Fest at Woodward in Woodward, PA from August 19th through the 26th!

As if by magic, scooter camps are popping up everywhere this year! I think it's a sign that our sport is growing in popularity and becoming more widely accepted, which is a great for everyone involved. If you're in the Northeastern part of the US, you've got a great opportunity to hit up the Scooter Fest scooter camp hosted at Woodward in Woodward, PA! Presented by Phoenix Pro Scooters and Madd Gear, Scooter Fest runs from August 19th through the 26th.

Have you taken a peek at the action sports facilities at Woodward, PA lately? My jaw just hit my desk. WOW! This version of Woodward is like scooter/skateboard/BMX/inline heaven! Check out the amazing facilities photos!

Here are a couple teaser videos to pull on your bank account. Go ahead...register...you know you want to. :)




From the Woodward website:

Over the years we have had a lot of questions based on the Woodward Camp program. Feel free to check out our frequently asked questions page by CLICKING HERE, or you can give a call into our office at 814.349.5633. (Monday - Friday 9-5 EST)

The cost for the camp is $1095 and you can register here: Scooter Fest Hosted at Woodward Registration

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