Scooter Configurator - New Feature to Help Determine Scooter Parts Compatibility

Scooter Configurator - New Feature to Help Determine Scooter Parts Compatibility

Having a hard time figuring out what parts will work on your scooter? Try the new Scooter Configurator from!

I get a lot of emails, Facebook messages, YouTube comments, as well as kids and parents in person asking me about parts compatibility. Nearly every question revolves around the compatibility of forks, bars, headsets, and clamps/compression systems. This is by far the most difficult part of building a scooter for people who aren't already deep into the sport. Because freestyle scootering is still a very new sport, a lack of industry standards and definitive best practices has led to a wide range of parts and technology implementations. While innovation and variety are great for the progression of scooter parts, it has made the situation difficult for parents and kids who are trying to learn about building scooters.

Over the last couple of months, I've spent about 100 hours of development time into creating the Scooter Configurator feature for The purpose of this feature is to help reduce the confusion that people experience when trying to figure out what parts will work with their scooter. I've done my best to compile a large list of products (headsets, bars, forks, and clamps) and assess their compatibility with each other and the major integration systems. If you don't know what to choose for one of the parts, the Scooter Configurator will provide a list of compatible recommendations. If you don't know two or more of your parts, you'll can try different parts and use the compatibility matrix to find parts that will work.

I hope that people who need this information find this tool useful. I've done my best to provide a tool that kids and parents can use for part selection prior to purchasing. Please check out the Scooter Configurator here: ScooterDad's Scooter Configurator

Scooter Configurator Compatibility Matrix

The Scooter Configurator provides no guarantee of accuracy. I've done my best to compile accurate data, but you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that your parts are compatible before making any purchases. If you find any inaccuracies or missing parts, please contact me at and I will do my best to add them to the tool.


Bought a mgp ninja for my kid handlebars are to tall so is it ok to cut them down to suit & noticed slit on the bottom of bars is on the side of bars rather in line with the clamp,will i make the slit the same place.thanks nick.

By Nick marshall (not verified)

Yes, you should be able to cut them down without any problem. Just be sure to cut a new slit and make sure it's wide enough (a hacksaw blade's width isn't enough). I always prefer to keep the slit inline with the slit on the clamp, but Madd Gear sells a lot of scooters, so they probably know what they are doing for their particular setup. That said, we have an MGP Nitro and I cut the slit on the back of the bars and it works great.

By Kenny

can a scs or ics fit on a mgp nitro fork with the top cap compression

By malcolm (not verified)

MGP Nitros use HIC, so if you want to run ICS, you'd need to switch to standard bars (instead of the stock oversized bars). I'm not completely sure if the fork would work for ICS, but I think it would.

For SCS, if you want to stick with oversized bars, you'd need to run a full-size SCS, like a Proto SCS (not Baby SCS). You could go with standard sized bars and use any other SCS system. I recommend the Phoenix Smooth SCS.

By Kenny

Multi Compatible Fork question!
Grit fork sellers online are announcing that their forks are both 100 and 110 mm compatible. I'm riding a Razor pro ultra and recently purchased a threaded Grit fork using a non integrated District headset. The problem is that the axle is too long and the wheel will slide back and forth even when tightened as much as humanly possible. Is there a way I can center it? Or are companies online falsely advertising these forks as 100mm compatible?

By Alexander (not verified)

The wheel measurement (100mm or 110mm) has to do with the height of the wheel, not the width. Some axles don't work with all forks, so you may need to purchase a new one. You can buy new axles (bolts) at places like Ace Hardware. Their advertising is likely correct and it's unrelated to how the axle fits.

By Kenny

I am 6'2 so my handlebar height is 34 inches. I have been riding the same razor pro model on and off for the last 5-6 years. As i've gotten more serious ive been looking to upgrade. No handlebars are tall enough for me besides adjustable razor. Could i put razor bars on a different brand deck? also would i need a razor fork or could i just use the adjustable handlebars? Also what are the logistics of having a welder make me a 34 inch tbar handlebar to put on say an mgp complete and replacing the handlebars. Help. Looking to upgrade in october

By Collin L. (not verified)

Take a look at the Phoenix Klaar XL bars. They are the tallest, widest bars I'm aware of. Also, RAD Skoot Co in the Seattle area might be able to make some custom tall bars for you. You could definitely put taller bars on some other scooter.

If the Razor Pro Model you're talking about is the folding one with the adjustable bars (not the Razor Ultra Pro), then you don't want to reuse those bars if you upgrade. Definitely go with new bars, new fork, new everything.

If the one you're looking at comes with HIC, however, like the upper-end MGP scoots or some Lucky scoots, you might have a harder time finding tall, oversized bars, so try to stick with SCS systems. Good luck!

By Kenny

Hello i am thinking of buying apex bol bars for my scooter. I have a grit threadless fork, and a flavor quad clamp and also a district intergrated headset. Are they compatible. I am asking you because your configurator doesnt have flavor quad clamp and apex bol bars as an option.
And also if i have that same stuff what kind of deck would i need to buy.

By Judah Toimata (not verified)

Apex Bol bars come in standard and oversized, I believe, so it depends on what kind of compression you want to use. If you're using a Flavor quad clamp (not an SCS), I assume you're running ICS. If that's the case, you'll need the standard sized Bol bars (not oversized). Just about any integrated deck should work, although you might have problems with MGP decks as they have shorter headtubes.

By Kenny

I am thinking of getting an integrated headset, a treadless fork and a HIC compression clamp. I have oversized bars and and integrated deck. will these be compatible?

By jarn (not verified)

They should work together. You'll also need an HIC shim inless the clamp you're going to get is an iHIC clamp (integrated shim and clamp). Make sure your threadless fork is NOT an ICS fork.

By Kenny

Wondering if the new Brandon James district Sig deck will work with Urbanartt kompressor
forks as the Brandon James deck has a steeper head tube angle.

By Calvin (not verified)

Headtube angle shouldn't impact compability with forks, although it may impact fit for pegs. Typically, the issues arises from the height of the headtube in comparison with the height of the fork.

By Kenny