Race to Recover Fundraiser - Buy a Reventon and Help Phoenix Pro Scooters Rider Jon Reyes with Knee Surgery

Recently, Phoenix Pro Scooters rider Jon Reyes had a nasty fall when landing a backflip that resulted in a torn ACL. He's going to need knee surgery to heal properly, but he's uninsured and the surgery is about $20,000. To try to help him out, Jon's sponsors, Phoenix and Spokesman Cycles, are donating the full proceeds of 100 of Jon's signature Reventons at $200 plus free shipping from Spokesman.

Jon is a great guy who has inspired a ton of riders. If you're looking for a new deck, please consider the Jon Reyes signature Phoenix Reventon. It's an awesome deck, you're getting it at a discounted price, and the full proceeds go to help Jon's recovery. Check out the video and the press release from Phoenix below.


9950 SW Arctic Dr. Beaverton, Oregon 97005 USA


Date: 04/30/2013
From: Phoenix Pro Scooters
Contact: Tom Floyd
E-mail: tom@phoenixproscooters.com



Press Release: Beaverton, Oregon USA – Getting injured is a major issue within the sport of freestyle scootering.  Every day, our athletes put their bodies on the line to help push the sport and even in this young stage, the industry must recognize the risks involved.

At the Rye Airfield contest a few weekends ago, Phoenix Pro rider Jon Reyes tore the ACL in his right knee. This type of injury cannot be ignored.  It won’t heal properly on its own and could affect Jon for the rest of his life if not dealt with properly.  Like many pros in the sport, Jon does not have health insurance. We at Phoenix did not want anything to get in the way of Jon getting the surgery and ready to ride again.

Jon gives his all to represent Phoenix so we are gonna give back. To help Jon reach the lion’s share of the cash he needs we are hosting a Fundraiser –

Race to Recover Fundraiser:

Jon Reyes Signature Reventons will be on sale at Spokesman Cycles for $200. There will a limited inventory of 100 decks personally signed and serial numbered by Jon. 100% of the sales from these decks will be donated to Jon Reyes and his family to get him the Surgery he needs. We hope Jon a speedy recovery and are excited to see many of you support our man Jon.

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