Paxton Swygard in "Scoot To Thrill - 2011" Part 2 of 4

Paxton Swygard in "Scoot To Thrill - 2011" Part 2 of 4

Watch part 2 of "Scoot To Thrill - 2011" featuring Paxton Swygard!

Paxton Swygard in "Scoot To Thrill - 2011" Part 2 of 4: Skate Barn
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"Scoot To Thrill - 2011" is a 4-part feature highlighting Paxton Swygard's freestyle scootering in 2011. We will be releasing one of the four parts each Friday for four weeks. When the last part of the video is released, we'll also publish a full feature version that is not chopped into 4 parts. The clips in this video were compiled from all of our filming last year with the exception of some clips that were used in other videos that we chose to exclude. The editing process for something like this is long and arduous, but well worth the effort once you complete it.

Watch for parts 3 and 4 in the next 2 weeks as they will be released after midnight on Friday morning (Thursday night). Thank you for your time in watching our videos. We hope you enjoy them and that they inspire you to go ride and do something creative! :)

If you missed part 1, you can view it here:

Paxton is sponsored by Lucky Scooter Parts, NW Scoot, and He rides scooters by Lucky Scooter Parts and Phoenix Pro Scooters.

More Scoot To Thrill in parts 3 and 4!

Release dates:

  • Part 3 - Friday, May 25
  • Part 4 - Friday, June 1
  • Full Feature - Friday, June 1