Lucky Scooter Parts Presents: Summer Blow Out NW Tour

Lucky Scooter Parts Presents: Summer Blow Out NW Tour

Come ride with the Lucky pro team, win prizes, and show off your skills for a chance to get sponsored by Lucky Scooter Parts!

If you live in the Pacific Northwest and you'd like to be part of a ride day with the Lucky Scooter Parts pro team, put these dates on your calendar:

Saturday, August 13th from 12:00PM to 4:00PM at Woodinville Skatepark in Woodinville, WA

Friday, August 19th from 12:00PM to 4:00PM at Sammamish Skatepark in Sammamish, WA

Saturday, August 20th from 12:00PM to 4:00PM at Beaverton ("Tron") Skatepark in Beaverton, OR

You'll even have a chance to win prizes and show off your skills to the Lucky team for a chance to become a sponsored rider. They are also looking for potential young talent for the Lil' Lucky team as well.

Here's the official statement from Lucky:

The time is here for Lucky Scooter Parts to reclaim the NorthWest. This August the Lucky Scooter Parts Pro Team will be all coming to Washington for a series of ride days.

The adventure begins Saturday August 13th at Woodinville Skatepark (12pm- 4pm); Arizona’s Jon Aglialoro will join the Washington team members to bond with the community. Don’t miss your chance to ride the Lucky Team and even though there isn’t a contest, throughout the day the Lucky riders will be scoping out their favorite Am and Beg level riders. Why? To give prizes to! Be there and you might get awarded the best fork on the market, the SMX, along with other prizes being given out. That’s not all Friday August 19th the entire Team will be present at the roots of Lucky: Sammamish Skatepark! That's right you could be at the founding grounds of Lucky Scooter Parts while riding with its team! Each team member will be giving out prizes by the end of the sesh so be there 12-4! Lastly the Team will be mobbing down to Portland Oregon and having a ride day at the famous Tron Skatepark! Oregon having such a large amount of young shredders, had to get a visit from the Lucky Team. Saturday August 20th 12-4 meet at Tron Skatepark!
Wait, there’s more! Along with Lucky riding with the community, for all the young riders (12 and under) we will be examine who should be added to the Little Luckys Team! If you want to join the ranks of the gnarly little riders such as Kaleb Kier and Paxton Swygard then take your chance at these ride days! At the very end the team will come together to decide who(s) deserves a spot and announcing it online!
The time is now to start making arrangements to be a part of history and partake in the Lucky Scooter Parts Summer Blow Out! Now, the question is are you feeling Lucky?
Lucky Scooter Parts

So be sure to make it to the ride day closest to you and have a Lucky day! Come say hi to me, ScooterDad (Kenny), and my ScooterKid (Paxton).

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can u please sponsor me and my friend caleb by the way i think your really awesome

By clinton (not verified)

Sorry, bud. ScooterDad is not a sponsor. Good luck!

By Kenny