Introducing ScooterDad Scoot Loot!

Introducing ScooterDad Scoot Loot - New Products

Scoot Loot products will be available soon through Get your Scoot Loot just in time for Christmas! Look for our booth at Skate Barn in Renton, WA on December 17th at the NW Scoot Christmas Classic!

Update 2/7/12: Our Scoot Loot online store is now open!!

We are very proud to introduce the first set of products in a line of scooter-related accessories for sale through ScooterDad. Our Scoot Loot products let you show off your scooter pride when you're at the skate park, at school, or just hanging out with your friends. We will have more products coming soon, but the first round of Scoot Loot includes a:

— "Get It Dialed!" bracelet in 5 colors

— "SCOOT LIKE A BOSS" keychain in 5 colors

— "Live to Scoot - Scoot to Live" rubber dog tag necklace in black

— "Scoot Steezy" bandana in 4 colors.

These items will be available for sale soon through our online store at If you can make it to Renton, WA on December 17th for the NW Scoot Christmas Classic, we will be there with a booth selling these items and a few more that are on the way.

Watch for an announcement about our online store opening soon!

Get It Dialed bracelet

Get It Dialed bracelet - clear Get It Dialed bracelet - clear

Get It Dialed bracelet - green Get It Dialed bracelet - green

Get It Dialed bracelet - orange Get It Dialed bracelet - orange

Get It Dialed bracelet - pink Get It Dialed bracelet - pink

Get It Dialed bracelet - yellow Get It Dialed bracelet - yellow


Scoot Like A Boss keychain - black Scoot Like A Boss keychain - blue

Scoot Like A Boss keychain - purple Scoot Like A Boss keychain - red

Scoot Like A Boss keychain - teal

Live to Scoot - Scoot to Live rubber dog tag necklace

Live to Scoot - Scoot to Live dog tag necklace - black

Scoot Steezy bandanas

Scoot Steezy bandana - black Scoot Steezy bandana - blue

Scoot Steezy bandana - purple Scoot Steezy bandana - red