CANCELED: 2011 NW Scoot Christmas Classic Competition

CANCELED: NW Scoot Christmas Classic Competition

The NW Scoot Christmas Classic, sponsored by Phoenix Pro Scooters, originally scheduled for Saturday, December 17th, 2011, has been canceled due to the uncertain future of Skate Barn.

The following is a joint press release from NW Scoot and ScooterDad regarding the 2011 NW Scoot Christmas Classic:

We must regrettably announce that we have been forced to cancel the NW Scoot Christmas Classic originally scheduled for Saturday, December 17th, 2011 at Skate Barn in Renton, WA.

Rumors have been swirling about the possibility of Skate Barn closing due to complications surrounding the lease of the building between the new buyer and the landlord. While we were hearing the rumors as well, we also kept hearing from the current owners of Skate Barn that arrangements had been made to ensure that the Christmas Classic would be good to go with the new owner. We chose not to further spread uncertain rumors by making any announcements since we were being told that our event date was secure.

As late as October 25th, we had received word from Skate Barn that "we are a go for the Christmas Classic". For the next 18 days, we heard nothing about possible issues with our event date until November 15th when Skate Barn informed us that they may be closed by the end of November. This left us with 2 weeks before pre-registration opened to try to get a solid answer on the security of our event date.

Meanwhile, we began receiving contacts from concerned parents who had heard directly from Skate Barn that they may close and the event may not happen. They were essentially turning away potential entrants to the competition while we were still trying to find out from Skate Barn if they were, in fact, going to be closed before the event.

With our December 1st pre-registration opening date looming, we made a trip to Skate Barn on Saturday, November 26th, to practice and try to find out more, in person, about the state of Skate Barn. We were told that Skate Barn will likely be closed by December 4th. They said there was a small chance that they might be open until the 15th, but that it would definitely be the last day they would be open. At this point we had to make a difficult decision to cancel the Christmas Classic as we could not rely on our venue to host the event.

Incidentally, we also heard from Skate Barn that the new owner may move Skate Barn to a warehouse within a few blocks, but even if that happened, it would be months before it was re-opened.

We are currently exploring plans to do a last-hurrah ride day for all scooter riders who can make it to Skate Barn on Saturday, December 3rd. Look for an official announcement soon if we are able to put this together in time. At this point, it is just a tentative idea, so don't plan anything definitive just yet.

To say that we are disappointed barely begins to touch on how we feel. We are sincerely grateful for everyone's support, especially our event sponsor, Phoenix Pro Scooters. We are deeply sorry to all of our sponsors and scooter kids who were looking forward to this event with such anticipation. The kids of the Pacific Northwest deserve great freestyle scooter competitions and we do our best to help provide them, but this was simply beyond our control. We hope to have another event next year, but we do not have any immediate plans that we can announce at this time.

Thank you for your understanding and have a great and safe holiday season. We'll see you soon.